Shiurim in English

The following booklets have been prepared to assist and enhance the students' comprehension of the Ma'amarim (Chassidic discourses) that are studied at the Rabbinical College of Australia & New Zealand. The goal is to classify and clarify the concepts which are elucidated in the Ma'amar.

Number: Ma'amar:
01 Asarah Sheyoshvim (5688)
02 B'Chodesh Hashlishi (Torah Ohr)
03 Tziyon B'Mishpot Tipodeh (5735)
04 V'Atah Yisroel (5737)
05 Ani L'Dodi (Likutei Torah)
06 Voyomer Hashem El Avrohom (5702)
07 Mitzvas Ner Chanukah (5738)