Shiurim in English

Shiurim in English" is a digest of Shiurim, as delivered to Shiur Beis at the Rabbinical College of Australia & New Zealand. In these Shiurim, the goal is to analyze and clarify the Pshat of the Gemoro with Rashi & Tosfos, as explained by the Meforshim.

The reader is advised that the purpose of these Shiurim is not to exhaust all possible explanations of the Gemoro, but rather, to provide a דרך for understanding the Gemoro through the eyes of Rashi and Tosfos. For that reason, the explanations of other Meforshim are purposely omitted when they are at variance with Rashi and Tosfos - even when these explanations are the accepted הלכה.

Shabbos - Perek 1

2a 01:  

Why does the משנה discuss an עני and an עשיר?

2a 02:  

Why is an עקירה without a הנחה prohibited only מדרבנן, and only לכתחילה?

2a 03:  

Why does מסכת שבת begin with the דינים of הוצאה?

2a 04:  

Why does the משנה say יציאות, and not הוצאות?

2a 05:  

The meaning of בפנים and בחוץ.

2a 06:  

Proving that הוצאה is a מלאכה גרועה (inferior מלאכה).

2a 07:  

The reasons why הוצאה is a מלאכה גרועה (inferior מלאכה).

2a 08:  

COMING SOON: שבועות שתים שהן ארבע


2b 09:  

COMING SOON: ידיעות הטומאה שתים שהן ארבע

2b 10:  

Interpreting the משנה of שבועות as focusing on הוצאה and not הכנסה.
The חיובים of מראות נגעים.

2b 11:  

The proof that הוצאה also means הכנסה.


3a 12:  

Is it really permissible to participate passively in הוצאה?

3a 13:  

COMING SOON: What is a פטור דאתי לידי חיוב חטאת?

3a 14:  

COMING SOON: Is עקירת גופו regarded as an עקירה?

3a 15:  

COMING SOON: The difference between a גוף and a יד.