The Torah is multi-layered, yet one. At Yeshivah Gedolah, the study of Nigleh (the revealed dimension of Torah) and Chassidus (the inner dimension of Torah) are fused together. Below is a brief synopsis of recent studies at the Yeshivah.

Talmud Studies 

This past semester, Iyun (in-depth Talmud) studies at the Rabbinical College was devoted to the first chapter of Tractate Bava Metziah. This chapter discusses a number of core issues in Talmudic financial law, including guidelines for resolving ownership disputes, the requirements for administering an oath in Beis Din, the ethical propriety of acquiring something that another is actively seeking to obtain, the acquisition mechanisms known as Kinyan Chotzer and Kinyan Daled Amos, and the efficacy of an agent commissioned to perform an Aveirah (sin).

Girsa (Talmud survey) studies varied, with some students focussing on the principles of faith as discussed at the end of Tractate Sanhedrin, such as the coming of Moshiach and the resurrection of the dead. Other students studied the rights and obligations inherent in an employer-employee relationship, as described in the second half of Tractate Bava Metziah. The students of Shiur Beis recently completed Tractate Makos, and began studying Tractate Chagigah.

  Chassidus Studies 

Over the course of the last semester, Chassidus studies spanned a large number of Maamorim covering a range of topics. A fundamental cornerstone of Chassidus is that every single Jew’s innermost desire is to serve Hashem, which is achieved through tapping into the core of the Neshamah (soul). There was a lot of discussion about how to overcome spiritual apathy and become truly devoted, as well as to be truly happy at the same time.

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