5774 Overview

In the days before and during Chanukah, students of the Rabbinical College have been spreading the message and joy of the Chanukah Festival across Melbourne.

A few days before Chanukah, the students packed hundreds of Chanukah Menorah kits. These included extra-long candles, to satisfy the Halachic requirement that Chanukah lights burn for at least half-hour after nightfall – a challenge in Melbourne, where nightfall can be as late as 9:17pm.

On the days prior to Chanukah, as well as throughout all the days of Chanukah, students visited tens of locations around Melbourne to distribute Menorah Kits and enable Jewish people to fulfil the Mitzvah of Chanukah. Doughnuts, dreidels and Chanukah Guides were also distributed at many locations.

On the day before Chanukah, students made their way through the streets of the CBD, visiting various office buildings and businesses, helping those who had not arranged their own Menorah in time for Chanukah. Other locations visited throughout Chanukah ranged from Bentleigh to Bayside, Caulfield to Carnegie, and Moorabbin to McKinnon – to name just a few.

Apart from spreading the spirit of Chanukah, the students also enabled many men to lay Tefillin, adorned houses with Mezuzahs, and distributed Shabbos Candle kits.

At Chabad House of Caulfield’s annual “Chanukah in the Park”, the students of Rabbinical College distributed Menorah kits to the thousands of people who came to Caulfield Park to celebrate. The students also helped many men lay Tefillin, several of whom were doing so for their first time and effectively celebrating their “Bar Mitzvah”.

The students also staged a play at the park, depicting the story of Chanukah and the victory of the Maccabees. Countless hours and much effort were invested into the half-hour play, and it was thoroughly enjoyed by the very large audience it attracted.

A Car Menorah Parade was organized during Chanukah by the students. More than forty Menorah-adorned cars drove through several major shopping strips and densely populated areas in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne. The parade generated much publicity about Chanukah, achieving one of the main aspects of Chanukah; Pirsumei Nissa – publicizing the miracle (of Chanukah).

The Chanukah festivities were wrapped up with a Latke Ovent – “Latke Evening”, where the students relaxed, spun dreidels and shared their Chanukah Mivtzoim experiences.

We look forward to spending Chanukah next year in Jerusalem, and once again witnessing the kindling of the Menorah in the Beis Hamikdash, with the coming of our righteous Moshiach speedily in our days. 

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