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The Rabbinical College Diary is the ideal planner, providing detailed information about Jewish Festivals, Public Holidays, local Shabbos and Yom-Tov candle lighting times, the latest College updates and many other useful features.

The diary is well established, and is very popular due to its convenient size, layout and information. It receives widespread distribution, being sent automatically to all advertisers, contributors to the College and prominent business people in the community. It is also sold in various bookshops and gift stores.

Copies are available for a nominal cost of $7.70 per diary plus postage (see below).

To reserve your copy, complete the secure (128 bit SSL encryption) online form below. If you prefer, you may opt to fill in this Diary Order Form instead, and submit it to our office. 

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Please forward copy/s of the Rabbinical College Diary, at a cost of $7.70 plus $1.30 (within Australia) or $6.30 (overseas) postage per diary.

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