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Tuesday, 15 March, 2011 - 1:01 am

In 5744 (1984), the Lubavitcher Rebbe initiated the daily study of the Rambam’s Mishneh Torah (Maimonides' compendium of Jewish law). The Mishneh Torah is unique in that it is the only code which encompasses the entire spectrum of Jewish Law, including many laws that apply only during the times of the Beis Hamkidosh (the Holy Temple), and which will again be pertinent during the Messianic Era.

At Yeshivah Gedolah, students study the daily lesson of Rambam as an extra-curricular pursuit, in accordance with the Rebbe’s guidelines.

The Shluchim at Yeshiva Gedolah have generated renewed enthusiasm in the daily lesson of Rambam, with a captivating daily shiur delivered during the dinner break by Menachem Mendel Begun. The Shluchim also provide the weekly “Chayenu” publication (a weekly Torah magazine for the English speaker) at a subsidized price, in order to encourage the study of Chitas and Rambam.

Additional incentives include a weekly pizza lunch (donated in part by Zavdiel’s Vegetarian Pizza & Falafel Bar), a monthly restaurant dinner, and monthly raffle with prizes pegged to the amount of attendees. In the month of Adar Rishon, 26 Bochurim committed to and successfully completed four weeks of consecutive study.

These participants celebrated their achievement at a dinner catered by Daneli's Deli. The Bochurim heard words of inspiration, and viewed a video clip of the Rebbe regarding the importance of learning Rambam. Finally, a raffle was conducted, with the grand prize of $250 awarded to Moshe Procel.

The incentives for the months of Adar Rishon and Adar Sheni have been generously sponsored by Dovi Lesches (Brooklyn, NY) in memory of his grandparents, Moshe ben Yishayahu and Chana Leah bas Yishayahu.

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