Chassidus Booklets

Thursday, 15 September, 2011 - 6:30 pm


At the beginning of 2011, Rabbi Yossi Schneier was appointed to the position of Mashpia (Chassidic guide and mentor), joining Rabbi Yaakov Winner in lecturing and teaching the Chassidus curriculum. With student numbers at capacity levels for the last few years, the need for an additional staff member in Chassidus was necessary.

One of the innovations introduced by Rabbi Schneier is a new methodical approach to assist the students’ comprehension and analysis of Maamarim (Chassidic discourses) studied at Rabbinical College. Over the course of the year, Rabbi Schneier compiled and published a series of booklets that classify and clarify the concepts elucidated in each Ma'amar. These booklets are available online, at this link. Future booklets, both updated and new, will G-d willing be posted online as they are published.

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