Kinus Hashluchim - Sydney & Melbourne

Sunday, 17 July, 2011 - 6:30 pm

This past Shabbos, the Rabbinical College of Australia & New Zealand hosted the annual "Kinus HaShluchim" conference for the Talmidim HaShluchim of Australia.

The Sydney Shluchim began arriving in Melbourne on Thursday, 12 Tamuz. The Kinus formally began at the community Farbrengen held in honour of Yud-Beis Tamuz, led by the renowned Mashpia Rabbi Yossi Paltiel.

The highlight of Friday morning’s session was the Shiur delivered by Rabbi Elisha Greenbaum, spiritual leader of Moorabbin Hebrew Congregation and director of L’Chaim Chabad in Moorabbin. Rabbi Greenbaum’s talk focused on practical Rabbinics, with special emphasis in the realm of Bris Milah (circumcision).

This was followed by the annual group picture, and enthusiastic singing and dancing. The Shluchim then spent a very busy and successful afternoon on "Mivtzoim", reaching out to the local Jews of Melbourne. 

With the onset of Shabbos, a poignant and stirring Seder Nigunim was conducted at the Rabbinical College, followed by a joyous Kabolas Shabbos. The Shluchim then sat down to a Seudas Shabbos meal and Farbrengen, at which they shared Divrei Torah, stories and words of inspiration until 1:00 in the morning.

Seder Chassidus and davening on Shabbos morning was followed by a wonderful Seudas Shabbos and Farbrengen hosted by the Raskin family.

The Kinus concluded with a Melave Malka on Motzei Shabbos, held at the home of the Goldhirsch family. Rabbi Telsner of the Yeshivah Centre led the Farbrengen until the early hours of the morning. All in all, the Kinus ended on a high note, with the Shluchim reinvigorated and inspired to further their Shlichus.

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