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Preparing for Purim

One of the basics tenets of Chassidus is that an inspiring “Yom-Tov” (Jewish Holiday) is a product of diligent preparation. Purim, one of the happiest days in the Jewish calendar, is certainly no exception. Purim is not only about hearing the Megillah, exchanging Shalach Manos (food parcels), masquerading, and enjoying a spirited feast. Rather, it is also a time to focus on the deeper message of Purim – the tale of a nation whose connection to G-d supercedes all else.  

The Shluchim at Yeshiva Gedolah have initiated a campaign to assist the students in preparing themselves suitably for this special day. The extra-curricular “Seder Sichos Shiur” is currently devoted to studying the inner dimensions of the holiday of Purim, with prizes awarded to all regular attendees.

YG Plus: Student magazine

The Shluchim at Yeshiva Gedolah have begun publishing a new magazine geared towards the students at Yeshivah Gedolah. The magazine imparts valuable practical knowledge through a blend of light-hearted humour and creativity. Features include diagrams to help students chart their way through complex sections of the Gemoroh, analyses of Tanya and Chassidus, Halacha snippets, a tally of the students’ Mivtzoyim (Jewish outreach) progress, and what may perhaps best be described as “Chassidic Trivia”.

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