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Rambam 7:40 successful start

The “Rambam 7:40” Club 5772 was off to a successful start, with many boys attending a full month of learning. The Shluchim organized a number of incentives, including daily refreshments, a weekly pizza or sushi party, and free distribution of the Dvar Malchus and Chayenu publications.

The students celebrated their achievements at a recent dinner catered by Daneli’s. The highlight was the raffling of a set of Rambam with English translation, which was won by Eliyohu Einbinder.

Special thanks to our major sponsor, Dovi Lesches.

Regards from Ungvar, Ukraine.

A letter received from an alumnus.

Dear Rabbis,

This is Aron Levitz emailing all the way from Ungvar, Ukraine. As you know, I am spending the next several months spreading Yiddishkeit in Ukraine. I have been busy teaching Alef-Beis to one of my new Russian buddies. I have also been visiting a local place that offers English-Language courses to Ukrainians, in search for fellow Jews. This way, they can maybe help me with my Russian language skills, whilst at the same time I can teach them a little English, along with a lot of Torah.

I also started learning with the rabbi’s son, (the future of Ukrainian Jewry…), imparting all those learning skills that I picked up at YG. One of the things I remember from my Yeshivah days is that learning Gemoro is like travelling through a city. Imagine a city without street signs! How do you get from place to place? Similarly, the Gemoro is not punctuated, and it seems so difficult to navigate! However, in truth, there are certain words and phrases that convey certain connotations and serve as the “street signs”. When we see words like Heichi Dami or Bo’ee or Tanya, we can immediately determine whether the Gemoro is asking a question, making a statement, giving an answer, and so on. This Geshmakeh Vort (delightful thought) really puts learning Gemoro in a different light.

I commenced my own daily study schedule. I have started the first page of Kiddushin, and I am learning Makos in the afternoon. I am also going to devote some of my day to learning Mishnayos, Tanach and Chassidus.

I miss the days in YG when I could daven at length… I am often needed to serve as the Chazzan in the Shule, (as there are not too many qualified Chazzanim here,) and I must keep up with the pace of the Minyan.

Last week, I spent Shabbos in Munkatch with the Munkatcher Rebbe and two-hundred of his Chassidim from all over the world who came to celebrate his grandson's Bar-Mitzvah. It was great to spend a Ukrainian Shabbos with so many Yidden who have Chassidishe Hergeishim and Hashkofos (Chassidic feelings and outlook).

Lots of Hatzlocho,

Your Talmid,
Aron Levitz

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