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A special new Sefer has just been released to the public titled “Venichbesha Ha'Aretz” (the Land will be Conquered). It was printed to commemorate the 40th Anniversary since the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, began sending ‘Shluchim’ (student emissaries) to Melbourne Australia in 1967.

No history of shlichus around the world would be complete without a prominent chapter being dedicated to the shlichus to Australia. It merited the Rebbe’s tremendous personal attention in his sichos (talks), letters, and countless verbal and written responses. This shlichus which started over forty years ago carries on till today, as six exemplary students are selected and sent for a two-year period to the Yeshivah Gedolah in Melbourne.

The idea to print the Sefer was inspired by the many times that the Rebbe spoke about the shluchim being one continuum, a chain of one group after another whose mission it was to illuminate an entire country.

In spirit of the shluchim’s main mission – “to conquer Australia through Torah learning,” – a decision was made to unite all of them by publishing a Sefer of Pilpulim (analytical research papers on Talmud and Chassidic philosophy) written by the shluchim themselves, as well as articles by the college’s academic staff.

As an introduction to the sefer, there is a collection of the sichos and yechidus (private audiences) that the shluchim merited to hear over the years, as well as letters and answers from the Rebbe – many being published for the first time. This is followed by a wealth of stories and personal experiences, culminating with a list recording the name of every shliach to have been sent to Melbourne.

The sefer was compiled last year by two of the shluchim to Melbourne, Shmuel Shuchat and Mendel Dubov. Earlier in 1992, another shliach Motty Liberow was instrumental in publishing the sefer “Iyei Hamelech” which contained a detailed history of the development of Chabad in Australia and the Yeshivah Gedolah in particular.

“The project started to unfold after a unique farbrengen in honour of the 40th anniversary of the shlichus,” say the editors, “after which we sent letters to all the shluchim asking them to participate. Many of them serve today as rabbonim, roshei yeshivos, mashpiim, and shluchim around the world.”

“The response was amazing. What a great feeling it was to sense the excitement that filled everyone. Soon the pilpulim started coming in, accompanied by much of the material which was to be printed as the introduction to the sefer.”

“For editing purposes we spoke to many of the shluchim on the phone, and the conversations would usually turn into a small farbrengen about their days in Melbourne, many of them asking to send regards to people whom they brought closer to yiddishkeit and chassidus and have now established chassidishe families of their own.”

In the sefer there is a special section in memory of one of the first shluchim – Rabbi Leibel Kaplan A”H – marking his 10th Yahrtzeit, as well as a letter from Rabbi Yitzchok Dovid Groner A”H – shliach of the Rebbe to Melbourne and Rav of the Lubavitch community – who was known for his fondness and love of the shluchim.

The printing was sponsored by Rabbi Yossel Gutnick, as well as other benefactors. The shluchim would like to extend much thanks for their support, and wish them every success in all they do. They would like to also thank all those who gave of their precious time, and worked tirelessly for the sefer to be published in a complete and beautiful manner.

An important goal in publishing the sefer was to guide and invigorate the ‘Talmidim Hashluchim’ in general, especially those going on this special shlichus to Melbourne in the future. The editors, in the name of all the shluchim, would like to extend their blessing of great success to them, and that we should imminently see the purpose of the shlichus coming to its fulfilment, with the coming of Moshiach now!

The sefer is available at the Rabbinical College and Golds World of Judaica.

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