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Yeshivah Gedolah commenced the 2009-2010 academic year with capacity enrolment numbers. Over seventy local, interstate and overseas students reside at the college and undertake our full-time course. Students successfully completing the course are awarded a Diploma of Talmudic Studies. In addition, hundreds of students attend shiurim each week on a part-time basis.

Students continue to make tremendous progress in their studies and staff members ensure that the students’ individual needs are catered for and that they derive maximum benefit from their stay with us.

Earlier this year, new computers were installed in all of the college’s offices. Amongst other benefits, academic staff are now able to send out student reports by email, thus saving on mailing and printing costs.

Work has commenced on building and designing Yeshivah Gedolah’s eagerly awaited website. It is hoped that the new website will be launched within the next few months. It will host numerous features including detailed information about the college, the ability to download application forms, photo gallery and much more. Alumni will be able to view annual group photos and relive fond memories of their stay at Yeshivah Gedolah.

Thanks to the generosity of college patrons Joseph and Stera Gutnick, Yeshivah Gedolah is again the site of much activity this year as renovations take place in a number of areas. Security has been improved with the installation of modern steel gates at both entrances of the college. During the recent third term break, a team of painters gave the Gutnick Dormitory a facelift by painting the interior and exterior of the building. Both bathrooms in the Dormitory are currently being renovated to provide students with modern facilities. The bathroom in the main building will also be upgraded.

Electricians together with Citipower are currently upgrading the college’s electricity supply. On completion, two new split-system air conditioning units will be installed in the dining room. With an anticipated hot summer ahead, students will be able to enjoy their meals in air-conditioned comfort.

All of the above will create a tremendous improvement to the general facilities of the college and are being carried out for the staff, students’ and community’s benefit. 

Yeshivah Gedolah’s students play a major role in Melbourne’s outreach activities. Every Friday afternoon, they can be seen going on their “routes” to various areas of Melbourne. They visit Jewish stall-holders at Victoria Market, shopping centres and offices, distribute the popular weekly Lamplighter publication and put on tefillin with people who wish to do a mitzva.

Pesach saw groups of students travelling to many parts of Australia and New Zealand to arrange seders for their Jewish communities. Cities visited included Byron Bay, Coffs Harbour, Cairns, Darwin and Fremantle. Their visits enabled over five hundred people to attend seders across Australia.

In addition to their full-time schedule of learning and shiurim to part-time students, the students also assist in taking weekly Shabbos groups, weekend seminars, summer camps and preparation of Torah publications for distribution throughout the community.

Goods Needed
If anyone in the community has any goods which may be useful to us, please feel free to call our office to arrange for them to be picked up. We are periodically in need of fridges, freezers, single beds/mattresses in good condition, office furniture and towels.

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