This page pertains to Yeshivah Gedolah Melbourne. It will be updated as new information comes to light.

Please note we cannot give any medical advice, nor are we an authority on COVID-19. The role of this information is to provide students, staff and parents with as much information and guidance that we can. We cannot foresee unknown contingencies, let alone make decisions about them. Therefore, students and parents are advised to make their own decisions. We hope the establishment of this page will help ease any concerns you may have.

Update: Wednesday 22 Adar, 2:05pm

As you are aware, there were two students who had shown symptoms over the last few days. One of them was tested and ב"ה the test came back negative. The other bochur was advised that a test was unnecessary, and is feeling fine ב"ה. Hoping בעז"ה to be able to share only good news always.

Update: Tuesday 21 Adar, 10:00pm

Dear Parents שיחיו

We hope you are keeping well and safe בעזרת השם.

We are without a doubt in unprecedented times. Every sector is being affected and everyone has to adapt to a new, hopefully very temporary, reality. And education is no different. However, Torah – כי הם חיינו ואורך ימינו, is the ultimate antidote to all difficulties and ailments and we cannot afford to allow it to come to a premature halt. We are therefore continuing אי"ה to facilitate the learning of our students, to whatever degree practicable under present conditions.

To that end, we have organised shiurim to be given remotely until we can resume normal seder on the Yeshivah Gedolah premises, hopefully very soon בעז"ה. The shiurim will אי"ה be given via Zoom. This is an interactive platform, and in addition to being able to view the teacher (and the other participants), a student can also be heard by the teacher or type a comment or question with the ‘chat’ facility for the teacher to respond to when he chooses. This is accessible either via internet or by phone. The details will be made available to you and your son via email.

Boruch Hashem the first Shiur, a Tanya Shiur by Rabbi Winner, was successfully and seamlessly transmitted earlier this evening (9:00pm Melbourne time), and was very well-attended. (Apologies to the overseas bochurim for whom it was in middle of the night).

The exact schedule of the shiurim has not yet been confirmed, but we will אי"ה notify you as soon as we can. If your son has a mobile phone he would already have been contacted with details of how to join the shiurim, and will also receive notification of updates to scheduling etc.

Any other information relevant to your son, or his shiur, in particular, will אי"ה be sent to you – and your son – separately.

Wishing you and yours the best of health and continued nachas and from your whole family.


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