Shiurim in English

Shiurim in English" is a digest of Shiurim, as delivered to Shiur Beis at the Rabbinical College of Australia & New Zealand. In these Shiurim, the goal is to analyze and clarify the Pshat of the Gemoro with Rashi & Tosfos, as explained by the Meforshim.

The reader is advised that the purpose of these Shiurim is not to exhaust all possible explanations of the Gemoro, but rather, to provide a דרך for understanding the Gemoro through the eyes of Rashi and Tosfos. For that reason, the explanations of other Meforshim are purposely omitted when they are at variance with Rashi and Tosfos - even when these explanations are the accepted הלכה.

Pesachim - Perek 1

Why does the משנה refer to night as "אור"?
What is רש"י's intent in his very first דיבור?
  02: רש"י - How does בדיקה address the איסור of "בל יראה ובל ימצא"?
  03: תוספות - Why is בדיקה necessary after ביטול?
  04: תוספות - Why isn't בדיקה required for other איסורים?
Landlord & Tenant: Why is the גמרא so uncertain as to who must perform the בדיקה?
[A step-by-step guide of the סוגיא.]
Landlord & Tenant: Who transgresses בל יראה ובל ימצא? [In the footnotes.]
Landlord & Tenant: Why does the חיוב of בדיקה rest with the one who has the keys?
Is handing over the keys a valid act of קנין?

Why does רש"י say that the rental occurred at "שחרית"? 
When don't we say ספק דרבנן לקולא?
When may one rely on a חזקה without asking questions, and when must he ask?
 5b 17: Who exactly is "אחרים"?
  18: Various points regarding the ברייתא, and the גמרא's interpretation of it.
  19: Can a נכרי and הקדש be excluded from the same "לך"?

The definition - and methods - of קבלת אחריות! 

 6a 21: Does the principle of דבר הגורם לממון apply to an item which is intact?

Pesachim - Perek 2

21a 01:   רש"י: Why does רש"י regard the משנה's statement to be obvious?
  02: תוספות: How is it even possible to sell איסורי הנאה?
  03: תוספות: Is the משנה compatible with רבי יהודה, or not?
  05: The concern that one will not notice the leftovers of his בהמה.

Pesachim - Perek 4

50a 01:   An extensive discussion of the reason for the איסור to work on ערב פסח.
53a  20: The characteristics of a נחל איתן.
53a 21 The איסור of saying בשר זה לפסח. 
53b 22 The מסירות נפש of חנניה מישאל ועזריה.